Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Tech Tip Tuesday - How to Subscribe to Discussion Board Posts

Discussion boards can be set up so that users can 'subscribe' to them.  By 'subscribing' the users (students and faculty) can get email alerts when posts are made in that specific board.

The most useful example of this being deployed is in a "General Questions Discussion Board" where you don't go and check it all the time but you don't want to miss out if a student posts a question.  So you set up only that specific Discussion Board to allow for subscribers and then subscribe yourself as the instructor.  Students will also be able to subscribe but it is all totally optional for everyone.

If you 'subscribe' to a Discussion Board then you will get an email alert when a post has been made.

Each time a new course is running you will need to go in and 'subscribe' again since it is tied to specific courses.

This is not the default setting in Discussion Boards but can be set up very easily by following the steps in this week's video tutorial.

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