Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Tech Tip Tuesday - Google Presentation

Our next installment in our Google series is on Google Presentation.

So far we have:

This week we will focus on another tool in Google Drive called Presentation.  Presentation is very similar to PowerPoint.

In this week's video tutorial you will learn how to:
  • Create a presentation
  • Upload a current PowerPoint to Google Presentation
  • Share and collaborate on a presentation 
  • Present your presentation
  • Download your presentation
  • Use the help and revision history tools
Please enjoy this week's Tech Tip on Google Presentation.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Tech Tip Tuesday - Creating A Google Document

To continue our series on Google, this week we focus on Google Documents.

So far we have:

This week we will dive deeper into one part of Google Drive, Google Documents.  Documents is very similar to Microsoft Word.  

In this week's tutorial you will learn how to:
  • Create a document
  • Share a document
  • Collaborate on a document
  • Use the Research function in a document
  • Download a Google document as a PDF or Microsoft Word document
  • Using the Help tab
So enjoy this week's video tutorial on Google Documents.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Tech Tip Tuesday - Introduction to Google Drive

One of the more useful Google Tools, in my personal opinion, is Google Drive.

Google Drive is an online space to create items similar to Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, etc.  Not only can you create and store items in Google Drive you can also access these items anywhere you have an internet connection.

The other bonus to using Google Drive is the ability to work collaboratively on a document without having to annoyingly pass that document back and forth via email and losing track of which is the most current version.

This week's video tutorial build's on last weeks post on creating your Google Account.  This week is a quick walk through of Google Drive.

In the following weeks I will take each of the tools and separately do a video tutorial on each one.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Tech Tip Tuesday - Setting Up A Google Account

One of the most useful online accounts to have is Google.  It is so more than a search engine.

This will be the first of a multi part Google Education series featured on Tech Tip Tuesday.

Google owns and operates more of the internet then you might know.

  • YouTube
  • The Android phone operating system
  • Blogger
  • Google Drive
  • Gmail
  • Google Maps
  • The Search Engine 'Google'
  • Picasa Photo sharing
  • Chrome Web Browser
  • and more!
You can get a free account by signing up like you would for anything else.  

A little known and hidden thing that Google doesn't make super public is you can get an account to use their tools using an already existing email address, like your stevenson.edu email.  

The benefit of doing it this way is you can:
  1. Keep your professional and personal email separate if you use your Stevenson 
  2. Use Google tools in your class and your students and colleagues will easily be able to find you since you are using an email familiar to them.
Go obtain a Google Account using your Stevenson email, follow the directions here.

Note: Besides the fact that you are signing up for a Google account using your Stevenson email this account would be in no way tied to your Stevenson account.