Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Tech Tip Tuesday - Setting Up A Google Account

One of the most useful online accounts to have is Google.  It is so more than a search engine.

This will be the first of a multi part Google Education series featured on Tech Tip Tuesday.

Google owns and operates more of the internet then you might know.

  • YouTube
  • The Android phone operating system
  • Blogger
  • Google Drive
  • Gmail
  • Google Maps
  • The Search Engine 'Google'
  • Picasa Photo sharing
  • Chrome Web Browser
  • and more!
You can get a free account by signing up like you would for anything else.  

A little known and hidden thing that Google doesn't make super public is you can get an account to use their tools using an already existing email address, like your stevenson.edu email.  

The benefit of doing it this way is you can:
  1. Keep your professional and personal email separate if you use your Stevenson 
  2. Use Google tools in your class and your students and colleagues will easily be able to find you since you are using an email familiar to them.
Go obtain a Google Account using your Stevenson email, follow the directions here.

Note: Besides the fact that you are signing up for a Google account using your Stevenson email this account would be in no way tied to your Stevenson account. 

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