Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Tech Tip Tuesday - Lynda.com

This week I wanted to share with you a service that Stevenson has that I am not sure a lot of people know about or take advantage of.

Lynda.com is an online training library that covers many different topics such as Blackboard, Microsoft, Windows, Apple, various other software, video, business, photography, web design etc.  Anyone can join Lynda.com for a fee but Stevenson pays for this service for us and as employees (or students) we allowed to take advantage of any of the 'courses' as much as we wish, even if it does not pertain to our profession.

What is great about Lynda.com is it is designed to teach us these skills that we wish to know more about but also does a great job in dividing these 'courses' into chapters so we can skip around to what is really important.

For students, we can 'assign' them a course and at the end they can print out a certificate to prove that they completed it.

The tricky part about using Lynda.com through the University is how to get to it.
  1. Go to the Stevenson University website.

  2. In the drop down menu at the top, scroll down and select SU Cloud.

  3. Login as you would your SU Email or Blackboard

  4. In the bottom left hand side you will see a 'SU Cloud'.  Click the cloud and select Lynda.com and you are in!
Play around and see what they offer.  There are courses about Blackboard and many of the tools we can use or incorporate into Blackboard.  Or you might find something you have interest in as a hobby.  Have fun! :)

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