Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Tech Tip Tuesday - Creating Hyperlinks

If you are a bit type 'A' like me you like your Blackboard announcements, emails and documents to look nice and neat.

A great way to add external content, like websites, to any of these tools is through a hyperlink.  A hyperlink is where you see a word or phrase in text and are able to click on it and it brings up a webpage or YouTube video.  Hyperlinks not only look professional but they are also very easy to do once you know what you are looking for.

This short video tutorial is not only an example of a hyperlink but shows you how to create hyperlinks in blackboard and word.

If you are using hyperlinks be aware that you can link to a webpage from a source that requires a log in and password, however, your intended audience will not be able to view the content.  If it is a source they have log in access to it is better to link them to the homepage or log in page and give directions from there.  This includes most items here at Stevenson since most things require a log in to view.

Happy Hyperlinking!

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