Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Tech Tip Tuesday - Introduction to Jing

Many of you have asked what I use to make these video tutorials for you.

There are many screen capture products out there but here we like to use a free product called Jing.

Besides this blog post you can learn more about Jing on our Faculty Help page in Blackboard.

Jing allows you to easily capture ANYTHING that is on your computer, whether it's a web page, Blackboard, document etc.  It is a great way to give visual tutorials to those that need a little extra help or to really provide more clear directions to something.

The only limitation to Jing is the recording time per video is limited to 5 minutes.  Most people don't need more than that because it can become too long and boring.  If you do need more than that you can:
  • upgrade to the pay version of Jing called Snagit (use your edu powers and get it cheaper)
  • or chunk you video topic into smaller (less than 5 minutes) sections
The other nice part of Jing is the ability to use another free TechSmith product called Screencast to share your videos with anyone just by giving them your link.

In order to record your voice you do need a microphone built into your computer or an external one you can plug in to use.  I have one built into my computer but I find I get better voice quality (even though no one likes the sound of their own voice :) ) using an external one the plugs into a USB port.  I like my little 'American Bandstand' looking microphone I got off Amazon for around $30.  I am very fancy by propping it up on a Kleenex box. 

My Fancy Office Setup

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