Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Tech Tip Tuesday - Backing Up Files

With the spring semester winding down it is important to remind your students (and yourself) to back up any Blackboard files that may be lingering out there.  Very soon after a course ends students and instructors will lose access.

As An Instructor:
  • It may be wise to get a copy of your grade book downloaded into your own personal files in case there is anyone that challenges a grade down the road.  A post made a few weeks ago will show you how to do that.

  • It would also be very nice of you, as an instructor, to add an announcement to your course reminding students to download final copies of any papers, etc (if they don't already have them) that they may need in the future, especially for portfolio use.

As A Student:
  • It would be very wise to download any papers you do not have final copies of and keep them in a safe place.  Many capstone courses or job interviews will require some sort of portfolio or work samples.

  • Courses will soon become unavailable to students after the term ends.

  • GRADUATES: Your account will be deleted THREE WEEKS after you graduate and you will no longer be able to log in.

  • As a student you can get your paper samples by going to "TOOLS" then "MY GRADES"

For saving any files "in the cloud" and make them available anywhere, Dropbox is a great option!  Dropbox keeps files safe and secure, even if your computer crashes.  You can also get your files anywhere you have an internet connection.  *If you would like more help with Dropbox leave a comment below and I'll dedicate a Tech Tip Tuesday to this great tool!*

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